Storing Your Pain Relief: Essential Tips

Storing Your Pain Relief: Essential Tips

In households up and down the country, pain relief medication is a common item. Many people keep milder treatments such as ibuprofen and paracetamol in supply at home, just in case pain strikes in the form of a headache, or muscular pain. Those suffering with chronic illnesses requiring stronger relief will often keep their prescription treatments at home as well.

After undergoing consultation with a doctor, you can buy pain relief online in the UK from registered pharmacies. When you receive your medicine, it’s always important to keep it stored correctly, to ensure the safety of those in your household, as well as your own.

Here are our essential tips for storing medication at home:

Store It Somewhere Safe

It’s a given that we’re not all tidy when it comes to our homes. But if you aren’t, your medication should be the exception to the rule. You should always keep your medication in a place where you know how to find it. Designate a particular spot in your bathroom cabinet so you’re less likely to lose it, or have someone else tidy it away. If you’re taking multiple medications, it’s always better to keep them all in one place, rather than all over the house. Those with families should always remember to keep their treatment well out of the reach of children.

Think About Your Routine

If you’re prone to forgetfulness, it can help to store your treatment in a spot you know will pass by during your daily routine. This way, you won’t be as likely to miss your dose. Keep it next to your toothbrush, or on your bedside table, to give yourself a visual reminder.

Check the Instructions

Most medications will advise you to keep their contents sealed, in a dry place, either above or below a certain temperature. However, some may require refrigeration. Always read the label and store your treatment accordingly.

And if You’re Unsure…

Speak to your doctor, or your pharmacist. If the instructions are unclear, your GP should be able to provide guidance on how and where to store your medicine.