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Recovering from Surgery

Do’s and Don’ts

Surgery can be a daunting prospect. Whatever operation or procedure you’re due to have, your doctor will usually take measures to ensure you are both physically and mentally prepared.

But what happens after surgery can be just as important. When recovering from a procedure, it’s always vital to ensure you adhere to a few basic rules, so that you don’t undo the work your surgeon has done, and so that you can recover as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Here are our tips for those recovering from an operation:

Do… Get Plenty of Rest

The body heals faster if it is well rested. So make sure you’re as comfortable as you possibly can be when sleeping at night, as lack of sleep can increase feelings of tension and pain in your body. Similarly, make sure you aren’t doing anything too strenuous during waking hours, such as heavy lifting or housework.

Don’t… Rush Back to Work

Recovery takes time. You may feel as though you’re letting the side down by taking time off to heal, but you shouldn’t. It’s likely your employer would prefer you to come back at full strength, so that you don’t have to take yet more time off. So always make sure you’re well enough to return before doing so.

Do… Stick to Your Treatment Plan

Your doctor will likely have issued you with a prescription for medication or pain relief you can buy online, or with a light exercise regime, to help ensure that the joints and ligaments around the affected area do not become stiff. These processes are in place for your benefit, and to help you recover faster, so do your best to stick to them. Don’t be afraid to approach your doctor or consultant if you find yourself having trouble.

Don’t… Get Down About Staying at Home

We know it can be hard to stay upbeat if your path to recovery is a particularly long one. But a positive mind is conducive to a healthy body. Try to stay motivated to get better, and speak to your friends and family if you feel as though you need reassurance.