Prescription Painkillers

Do’s / Dont When taking Prescription Painkillers

Before Taking Painkillers: What You Should Be Doing

Nearly all of us will have to use medication at some point in our lives to help us recover from an injury, or an illness. Some people with chronic conditions may even have to rely on the use of medication over longer periods, be it for a few months, or even years.

Getting the medicine you need to help you pull through an illness must always be done through a qualified doctor. For instance, if you’re suffering from a painful injury or from post-operative discomfort, and you want to buy codeine online, you will always need to go through an online consultation process, to ensure your safety.

Before taking any kind of medication, painkillers included, it is always essential to follow some basic safety procedures, so that you don’t unnecessarily put your health at risk.

Here are some steps you should always be following before embarking on a course of medicinal treatment:

Inform Your Prescriber of Your Medical History

If you are allergic to anything, or suffer from a pre-existing condition, it is essential for your prescribing doctor to know. Certain types of medication may cause conditions to flare, or cause an allergic reaction, leading to even more serious illness. For instance, many types of painkiller, such as NSAIDs, are not suitable for persons with irritable bowel disease, as they can exacerbate the condition. In cases like these, it is vital for your doctor to be made aware of your medical history during consultation.

Read the Safety Information

The leaflet contained in your medication will have information on what to do if you suffer an unexpected reaction, what to do if you miss a dose, and much more. Familiarise yourself with this before taking your medication.

Ensure You Can Administer the Treatment Correctly

It is essential to take your medicine as prescribed, so be certain that you can before beginning the course of treatment. Make preparations if you need to, such as adjusting your meal times, or being able to keep it somewhere safe and accessible if you need to take it at work.

Abstain from Consuming Anything Which May Cause Conflict

Stay away from anything which might react with your medication, and affect its ability to function. The most common mistake people make when taking medication is consuming alcohol. This can cause your medication to stop working, or cause a range of unexpected side effects. If you’re taking medication, be safe, and don’t drink.

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