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How To Avoid Stomach Pains

Tips on Avoiding Stomach Pain

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When it comes to everyday pain, one of the most common types is stomach pain. In more severe cases, this might be being caused by an illness, such as gastric flu, or a digestive tract infection. Illnesses like these will likely require a visit to the doctor, and some form of prescription treatment.

However, if you’re experiencing mild stomach pain on a regular or semi-regular basis, and these aren’t connected to an illness, then you may be able to reduce symptoms by adjusting your eating and drinking habits.

So, if you’re susceptible to stomach pains, here are some basic tips on how to reduce their recurrence and severity:

Avoid Carbonated Drinks

Beverages like lemonade and coke contain a lot of gas, and this can irritate the stomach and lead to feelings of pain. If you consume carbonated drinks regularly and want to reduce discomfort, then try switching to still water or squash.

Pace Yourself

Rushing at mealtimes won’t win you any prizes. In fact, wolfing your food down only makes the digestion process harder for your body to carry out. Many people don’t realise how chewing food well can ease the body’s workload. So take your time and savour your food.

Eat at the Right Time

While eating late or in the middle of the night can throw your body clock into confusion, it can also lead to stomach pain. Ensure you eat so that your body has sufficient time to digest what you’ve eaten before you go to bed.

Little and Often

Big meals are harder for your digestive system to deal with than smaller meals. So try to eat four or five smaller meals a day, as opposed to one or two really big meals.

Spice in Moderation

Lots of people love spicy food, but it can be an irritant to your stomach and digestive tract, so if you do eat it, ensure you do so in moderation.