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Coping with Post-operative Pain

Coping with Post-operative Pain Many of us at some point in our lives will have to undergo a surgical procedure. This might be related to correcting or treating an injury, or it might be due to an illness – such as an appendectomy for appendicitis. Some only require local anaesthesia, and can be performed while […]

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Arthritis pain relief

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Living with Arthritis Arthritis is a very common condition. In fact, it is estimated that around ten million people suffer with some form of the condition in the UK alone. Even people who don’t suffer from arthritis themselves will likely know someone else who does, be it a family member, or a friend. As any […]

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How to Avoid Headache Pain

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How to Avoid Headache Pain Headaches vary from one person to another. Some only ever suffer with mild headaches. However, others may experience severe headaches, or even migraines from time to time. Although the extent to which varies depending on how bad the headache is, associated pain will usually have an effect on the sufferer’s […]

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How Do Painkillers Work?

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How Do Painkillers Work? For some, pain relief medication is an everyday part of life. While only a small minority of people may need to use strong pain relief on a regular basis, a majority of us will have taken mild analgesic treatment at some point, to get rid of a headache, or reduce throat […]

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Increase Your Pain Tolerance

4 Lifestyle Choices Which Can Help to Increase Your Pain Tolerance Whether it’s at work, or during our leisure time, most of us have fallen victim to injuries at some point in our lives. Not only can injuries affect our mobility and ability to carry out everyday tasks, but they can also cause a great […]

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Buy Pain Medication

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Taking Pain Medicine: Do’s and Don’ts We all deal with pain in different ways. Some people like to ride the sensation out when they’re suffering from a minor injury or acute condition – but doing this is isn’t a suitable course of action for everyone. Many of those suffering with persistent or severe pain, caused […]

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Storing Your Pain Relief: Essential Tips

Storing Your Pain Relief: Essential Tips In households up and down the country, pain relief medication is a common item. Many people keep milder treatments such as ibuprofen and paracetamol in supply at home, just in case pain strikes in the form of a headache, or muscular pain. Those suffering with chronic illnesses requiring stronger […]

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