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Staying On Top of Your Medication

After being diagnosed with an illness, especially one which is long-term, it can sometimes be hard to adjust. For some suffering with chronic illnesses, certain physical activities such as intensive sports may be off-limits, as might various dietary choices. And, for those who are required to take regular medication for their newly discovered condition, it can be hard to remember to keep to your medication schedule.

For conditions causing pain, you can often buy pain relief online after consulting with a doctor, to help ease painful symptoms. But whatever type of medication you’re using, it’s important to do your best to keep to the treatment plan your doctor recommends, and inform them if your treatment isn’t working.

To give yourself the best chance at completing your plan of treatment, it’s important to ensure you have enough medication. Here are some basic tips on how to stay on top of your medication, and avoid getting to a situation where you may run out:

Attend Your Reviews

Following diagnosis and treatment, your doctor will often arrange future appointments with you in order to review your progress. This is so that they can assess whether the treatment they have issued is working. Not attending these may result in your line of treatment not being renewed, so it is vital to fulfil your appointments.

Mark the Dates on Your Calendar

If you think you may forget to take your medication on a certain day or at a certain time, mark it on your calendar, or set yourself a reminder on your phone. It’s also a good idea to mark down the date on which you’ll need to order more medication or pick it up from your pharmacist.

Enquire About a Repeat Prescription

For those who have been issued long-term treatment, one way of ensuring that you don’t forget to reorder your medication is to use a repeat prescription service. These are offered as a free service by many pharmacies, and can save you time and expense getting your medication reordered.

Keep it Somewhere Safe

Always know where your medicine is. Keep it in the same place, so you don’t lose it.