Avoiding Exercise-related Injury

There’s no busier time for gym membership agents than the New Year. After over-indulging during the winter months, at home and at Christmas parties, we’re all prone to putting on a few extra pounds over the festive period – and many of us will seek to remedy this in January with a fresh new workout programme. Exercise is an excellent tool for improving overall health and fitness – if you know how to do it properly. But if you don’t, it can lead to injuries.

Pain is never pleasant. After consulting with a doctor, you can buy tramadol online in the UK from registered pharmacists, to help relieve various types of severe pain associated with serious injuries or chronic conditions. But it’s always best to do what you can, to avoid getting into that situation in the first place.

For those people performing exercise, this means taking the right precautions:

Warm Up

Before embarking on your exercise programme, ensure you limber up. Loosen up your joints and perform some stretches, to lower your risk of pulling a muscle. If you’re going to be lifting weights, make sure you perform cardiovascular exercise beforehand, to get your body ready. Going straight into lifting weights can cause undue strain.

Start Small

If you’re new to working out, start small and work your way up. Don’t jump straight into a five-mile run or a two-hour workout. Before you put yourself through the hard slog of endurance, you need to condition your body and get it used to exercise. Begin by going for a twenty-minute jog around the park, or working out for just half-an-hour, then gradually increase these times week-on-week.

Getting Kitted Up

Make sure you have the right clothes and attire if you’re going out for a run. Comfortable shoes are a must, as are loose jogging trousers or shorts. And if you’re hitting the gym, ask someone for guidance when using a specific machine for the first time.

Don’t Push It

The phrase ‘no pain, no gain’ may be a popular one, but don’t take it too literally. If you feel an injury coming on, stop and give your body a rest.

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