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Taking Pain Medicine: Do’s and Don’ts

We all deal with pain in different ways. Some people like to ride the sensation out when they’re suffering from a minor injury or acute condition – but doing this is isn’t a suitable course of action for everyone. Many of those suffering with persistent or severe pain, caused by an injury or a chronic condition, will often find relief and better quality of life when they embark on a pain management programme.

In these cases, you can obtain a prescription for pain relief from your doctor in person, or you can buy pain medication from registered UK pharmacies by undergoing an online consultation.

Once you have your medication, it is essential to use it correctly, to aid your rehabilitation and ensure your safety. Here are some basic rules to follow when on a course of pain relief:

Do… Follow Your Treatment Plan

Always follow the treatment plan set out by your doctor as closely as you possibly can – and we’re not just talking about your medicine. For instance, if they have advised certain daily exercises to help you regain mobility after an injury, don’t think you can just skip it – it’s important to perform tasks such as these to help your joints and limbs avoid stiffness.

Don’t… Drink Alcohol

Lots of medications lose their effectiveness when taken with alcohol. Check with your doctor or prescriber if you are unsure whether alcohol affects your treatment or not. If in doubt, don’t drink.

Do… Report Problems to Your Doctor

If you experience side effects or find that your treatment is ineffective in combating pain symptoms, it is essential to inform your doctor right away. After checking your condition and ensuring your safety, they may be able to prescribe a more suitable treatment for you.

Don’t… Do Too

Recovering from an injury can take time, and it’s better to increase your range of activity gradually rather than sharply. So take it easy, and don’t try to do too much, too early. Returning to work or undertaking sports before your body is ready may further exacerbate your condition.

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